This page covers Elm 0.18


Next let's add buttons to navigate between views.

EditPlayer message

Change src/Players/Messages.elm to include two new actions:


type Msg
    = OnFetchAll (Result Http.Error (List Player))
    | ShowPlayers
    | ShowPlayer PlayerId

We added ShowPlayers and ShowPlayer.

Players List

The players' list needs to show a button for each player to trigger the ShowPlayer message.

In src/Players/List.elm. First add Html.Events:

import Html.Events exposing (onClick)

Add a new function for this button at the end:

editBtn : Player -> Html Msg
editBtn player =
        [ class "btn regular"
        , onClick (ShowPlayer
        [ i [ class "fa fa-pencil mr1" ] [], text "Edit" ]

Here we trigger ShowPlayer with the id of the player that we want to edit.

And change playerRow to include this button:

playerRow : Player -> Html Msg
playerRow player =
    tr []
        [ td [] [ text (toString ]
        , td [] [ text ]
        , td [] [ text (toString player.level) ]
        , td []
            [ editBtn player ]

Player Edit

Let's add the navigation button to the edit view. In /src/Players/Edit.elm:

Add one more import:

import Html.Events exposing (onClick)

Add a new function at the end for the list button:

listBtn : Html Msg
listBtn =
        [ class "btn regular"
        , onClick ShowPlayers
        [ i [ class "fa fa-chevron-left mr1" ] [], text "List" ]

Here we send the ShowPlayers when the button is clicked.

And add this button to the list, change the nav function to:

nav : Player -> Html Msg
nav model =
    div [ class "clearfix mb2 white bg-black p1" ]
        [ listBtn ]

Players Update

Finally, src/Players/Update.elm needs to respond to the new messages.

import Navigation

And add two new branches to the case expression:

update : Msg -> List Player -> ( List Player, Cmd Msg )
update message players =
    case message of

        ShowPlayers ->
            ( players, Navigation.newUrl "#players" )

        ShowPlayer id ->
            ( players, Navigation.newUrl ("#players/" ++ id) )

Navigation.newUrl returns a command. When this command is run by Elm the location of the browser will change.

Test it

Go to the list http://localhost:3000/#players. You should now see an Edit button, upon clicking it the location should change to the edit view.

Up to this point your application code should look

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