This page covers Elm 0.18

Players Update

Finally we need to account for the new messages in our update function. In src/Players/Update.elm:

Add a new import:

import Players.Models exposing (Player, PlayerId)
import Players.Commands exposing (save)

Create update commands

Add a helper function for creating commands for saving a player to the API.

changeLevelCommands : PlayerId -> Int -> List Player -> List (Cmd Msg)
changeLevelCommands playerId howMuch players =
        cmdForPlayer existingPlayer =
            if == playerId then
                save { existingPlayer | level = existingPlayer.level + howMuch }
    in cmdForPlayer players

This function will be called when we receive the ChangeLevel message. This function:

  • Receives the player id and the level difference to increase / decrease
  • Receives a list of existing players
  • Maps through each of the players on the list comparing its id with the id of the player we want to change
  • If the id is the one we want then we return a command to change the level of that player
  • And finally returns a list of commands to execute

Update the players

Add another helper function for updating a player when we receive the response from the server:

updatePlayer : Player -> List Player -> List Player
updatePlayer updatedPlayer players =
        select existingPlayer =
            if == then
    in select players

This function will be used when we receive an updated player from the API via SaveSuccess. This function:

  • Takes the updated player and a list of existing players
  • Maps through each of the players comparing their ids with the updated player
  • If the ids are the same then we return the updated player, otherwise we return the existing player

Add branches to update

Add new branches to the update function:

update message players =
    case message of

        ChangeLevel id howMuch ->
            ( players, changeLevelCommands id howMuch players |> Cmd.batch )

        OnSave (Ok updatedPlayer) ->
            ( updatePlayer updatedPlayer players, Cmd.none )

        OnSave (Err error) ->
            ( players, Cmd.none )
  • In ChangeLevel we call the helper function changeLevelCommands we defined above. That function return a list of commands to run, so we then batch them into one command using Cmd.batch.
  • In OnSave (Ok updatedPlayer) we call the helper function updatePlayer which will update the relevant player from the list.

Try it

This is all the setup necessary for changing a player's level. Try it, go to the edit view and click the - and + buttons. You should see the level changing and if you refresh your browser that change should be persisted on the server.

Up to this point your application code should look

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