This page covers Tutorial v2. Elm 0.18.


After receiving the response back we store it in players. We now want to display the list of players.

The attribute players was a list of players before (List Player), now is WebData (List Player) type. Let's change src/Players/List.elm to handle the new type of players.

Add RemoteData import

import RemoteData exposing (WebData)

Change view to:

view : WebData (List Player) -> Html Msg
view response =
    div []
        [ nav
        , maybeList response

Here we changed the signature and call a new function maybeList. Add maybeList:

maybeList : WebData (List Player) -> Html Msg
maybeList response =
    case response of
        RemoteData.NotAsked ->
            text ""

        RemoteData.Loading ->
            text "Loading..."

        RemoteData.Success players ->
            list players

        RemoteData.Failure error ->
            text (toString error)

This function uses a case expression to pattern match on the type of response. This types are provided by the RemoteData package.

If response is of type Success we display the list of players. We call the previous list function we already had.

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