This page covers Tutorial v2. Elm 0.18.


Finally we need to account for the new messages in our update function. In src/Update.elm:

Add a new imports:

import Commands exposing (savePlayerCmd)
import Models exposing (Model, Player)
import RemoteData

New messages

Update branches to update to handle the newly created messages:

update : Msg -> Model -> ( Model, Cmd Msg )
update msg model =
    case msg of

        Msgs.ChangeLevel player howMuch ->
                updatedPlayer =
                    { player | level = player.level + howMuch }
                ( model, savePlayerCmd updatedPlayer )

        Msgs.OnPlayerSave (Ok player) ->
            ( updatePlayer model player, Cmd.none )

        Msgs.OnPlayerSave (Err error) ->
            ( model, Cmd.none )


In ChangeLevel we first update the level attribute for the given player and then return a command savePlayerCmd to save it.


When we get OnPlayerSave back we pattern match so we handle the success and failure case differently. On the failure case we are just discarding the error and leaving the model as it was. This is not great but for simplicity we will do it like this.

In the success case we are calling a helper function updatePlayer to update the changed player, we will write this function next.

Update the player

Add a helper function to update the player:

updatePlayer : Model -> Player -> Model
updatePlayer model updatedPlayer =
        pick currentPlayer =
            if == then

        updatePlayerList players =
   pick players

        updatedPlayers =
   updatePlayerList model.players
        { model | players = updatedPlayers }

This function is called after we get an updated player from the API. This function needs to swap an existing player in our model for the updated player coming from the API.

We don't know what is in model.players, it could be RemoteData.Loading or RemoteData.Success players or some other case. So first we need to account for this. RemoteData provides a map function that only applies when we have RemoteData.Success. We use this in updatedPlayers.

updatePlayerList will only be called if model.players is RemoteData.Success players. updatePlayerList is a function that maps over a list of players and swaps the updated player.

Try it

This is all the setup necessary for changing a player's level. Try it, go to the edit view and click the - and + buttons. You should see the level changing and if you refresh your browser that change should be persisted on the server.

Up to this point your application code should look

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